Traditional Dating and Why It Needs to Make A Come Back 

 Since the days of iPhones and online dating, some of the old traditional dating values have vanished. Too often people are judged solely based off a picture, but love is not superficial. Chemistry is more than just physical attraction. What happened to the days of first dates, flowers, and phone calls? More building of relationships, less racing to the finish line. We believe these traditional values and having a strong foundation to build off of, will lead to longer lasting relationships.  

Ask Liz & Linda:  

What is traditional dating?  

Traditional dating is when a man calls a woman on the telephone and asks her out for dinner. Before jumping into a physical relationship on the first date, you take it slow and get to know and like your date as a person. Ultimately, we believe that lasting love comes from the inside.  


Why is it important to bring back some of the rules of traditional dating, and what rules, in particular, do you find most important to bring back? 

These days so many people choose who they are going to date based on a photo.  It’s impossible to see if someone will be a good match for you based on a picture. It’s important to get to know the person to see if they are good, kind, generous, sincere, etc… Plus, a lot of the time these pictures are not an accurate representation of what they look like. It’s important to meet someone in person before you decide not to go out with them because you don’t like his or her photo.   

It’s important for the man to make a plan and for the woman to be okay with it.  Men and women are different and it’s ok to have different roles in a relationship. However, this does not mean that one is more powerful than the other. Just different! Our experience is that modern day women are still craving traditional relationships. 


What benefits does traditional dating have that other forms of dating may not? 

People who choose traditional dating usually have the intention of marriage in the long run. The majority of non-traditional dating methods don’t have the proper screening in place to assure each party that the other is who they claim to be and that they are serious about being in a relationship.  


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